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Chilli Rebel

Aromas of pepper, honey and sour cream. On the palate, the cheese is true to the name with the
taste and heat of chili charmingly embedded in a creamy cheese.

coffee rebel cheese

Coffee Rebel

Aromas of freshly ground coffee beans, sour cream and malt. On the palate, a slight touch of dark
chocolate, the coffee taste peaks through the cheese. Very smooth in texture.

elderflower rebel cheese

Elderflower Rebel

Aromas of dried fruit, passion fruit and elderberry, refreshed with citrus notes. On the palate a very
smooth cheese with sweet elderflower, honey flavours.

glacier rebel cheese

Glacier Rebel

Intense aromas of dried fruit, passion fruit sweet cream and peanut. On the palate, powerful and
aromatic followed from flavor of malt, dark chocolate and light caramel with the salt crystalline to finish.

Golden Smoked Rebel

Golden Smoked Rebel

Aromas of a smoked beechwood fire. On the palate, a mild smoked flavour with a tasty rind.

mountain herb rebel cheese

Mountain Herbs Rebel

Aromas of flower meadows, honey and spice. On the palate, the creamy cheese melts in your mouth
with the flavours of thyme and oregano, a delicious herb combination.

mountain rebel cheese

Mountain Rebel Cheese

Aromas of fruit, honey and malt biscuit. On the palate flavours of roasted malt biscuit and dark
chocolate. The cheese is an all rounder favourite.

organic farm rebel cheese

Organic Farm Rebel

Aromas of a juicy pineapple and sour cream. On the palate, very creamy with hints of honey,
caramel and roasted onion.

organic pepper rebel cheese

Organic Hay Flower Rebel

Aromas of the alpine flower meadows in combination with honey. On the palate a very creamy
cheese with hints of caramel and a flower meadow mix.

organic hay flower rebel cheese

Organic Pepper Rebel

Aromas of a pepper combination, honey and flower meadows. On the palate, the creamy soft
cheese blends perfectly with the intense spices of a pepper combination.


Rebel Cheese Box


The Rebel Cheese Box is great for any occasion, from a thank you, happy birthday or just because!!

Each Rebel Cheese Box comes with 3 cheeses:

*Organic Pepper Rebel – Semi Hard cheese

*Organic Farm Rebel – Semi hard cheese

*Mountain Rebel – Hard cheese

Accompanying a packet of crackers, a glass of quince paste and a gift card.

(FREE DELIVERY within a 17KM radius of the Melbourne CBD )