Cheese Tips

How to create a cheese board



Pick a theme.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, that’s why we like to have a theme in mind. Last year, we went for a blackberry cheese board, just for something different.  You could also go by country (German-hint hint). When in doubt, choose a variety of milks – cow, sheep or goat.

Pick a cheese board

We like to use a large slate board that we nabbed from Crate and Barrel that we love.  A black background really makes everything look beautiful—it also allows you to write on it in chalk (if you ever left extra space on your cheese boards to do so).

Let your cheese relax.

Set out your cheeses before guests arrive. Cheese is always best served at room temperature. Cover your cheeses with a cheese cloth or light damp kitchen towel so that they don’t dry out.

Baguettes vs crackers.

If you spend a pretty penny on gorgeous cheese, please don’t put out sad crackers. A slice of plain baguette is the best raft for a gorgeous mouthful.

Don’t stress about accompaniments.

Put out some honey, fancy mustards, jams, preserves, dried fruit, a few nuts, and some cured meat, if you like. Don’t worry about perfect pairings. Guests will have fun mixing and matching.

Enjoy! And remember to talk to our cheese master. This is high season for cheese and we have gorgeous delights in stock.

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